Thoughts from the identity age -- By Phil Libin

Wow, I just remembered my password to this long-dormant blog. I don't really post anything here anymore, please see for ever so slightly more current information about my whereabouts.

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Vote for Evernote, please

Feel like it's been too long since you voted for something? Like Evernote? Then vote for us in the "mobile application" category in Mashable's 2nd annual Open Web Awards. Just enter your email into the widget below.

It says that you're allowed to vote once per day per category...

[Voting doodad removed - we won! Thanks!]

Don't know about Evernote? Check us out. We're nice.

Thanks much!

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Old Comic Book Ads

I've been using some old comic book ads from the 1960s as in some demos of Evernote and a few people have asked me to put them into a public notebook. Here they are. Try searching for "monkeys" or "hypnosis".

For more cool old ads, check out .

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The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Had a great meal with great friends at the French Laundry last night.

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Best name ever

At a dinner party last night, I found myself holding forth on the manifold virtues of bacon ice cream, (condensed version: it's the perfect food, shut up), and how prominent ice cream chains ought to be trampling each other to introduce a mass-market version. Then I came up with the best-possible-name-for-a-Ben & Jerry's-bacon-ice-cream-flavor.



Say it like Nixon would have.

I will trade the rights to the name for a lifetime supply. How long could that be?

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Japan Signs

Longtime readers of this blog will know how much I love Japan. I just got back from another trip and made an Evernote public notebook of my favorite signs. Check them out in the widget below (scroll around and click once to magnify a note, again to open it) or at .

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More Accidental Haiku from

I've set up an Evernote public notebook of more "haiku" from the World's Best Accidental Poetry Team(tm) at

I used to think that I don't appreciate poetry. Now I realize that it's only intentional poetry that puts me to sleep.

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That's beautiful, man

The top right corner of right now has three short videos:


U.S. economy hitting Mexicans
Colossal squid has giant eyes
Paula Abdul gets confused

Best. Haiku. Ever.

Ok, it's a Fauxku.

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Evernote Screencast

If any of you are wondering what I've been doing at Evernote these past few months, we're officially above the radar now!

YouTube quality is a little poor, so there's a high-rez version at . The line to get into the closed beta is already pretty long, but if you write in and say that you one of the six or seven people that reads this blog, I'll see if I can bump you up a bit.

Wish us luck!

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Stanford GTS 2008

LogoI just spent two days at the 2008 Global Technology Symposium at Stanford, a worldwide investment and emerging technologies conference, with an emphasis on Russia and other developing markets. I don't think I've ever written this about a conference before: it was great.

Useful content, a chance to meet many of Silicon Valley's founders, and all around excellent coordination. What's really amazing, especially for an international event, is that every single person who got up on the stage knew how to speak and present. The audience is usually comatose ten minutes into a talk at any of these events and I came prepared to nap; it never happened. The caviar reception at the end was a nice touch.

Has anyone that knows me ever heard me gush about a conference before? Alexandra Johnson, the principal orchestrator of GTS, should be immediately put in charge of every other industry conference on the planet. She might even make CES bearable. If they have a GTS next year, I'm bringing more of the Evernote crew.

Don't try to run, Sasha.

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Hello? Nevada Taxicab Authority?


I'm experiencing some problems attempting to deceive a passenger...

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I cancelled my Kindle order, twice.

Hemingway's six words? Mine are nonfiction.

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PIVMAN (was almost) Legend

About a year ago my previous company, CoreStreet, was approached by the makers of "I Am Legend". They wanted a PIVMAN handheld to potentially use as a prop in the movie. We lent them the equipment, but never heard whether or not PIVMAN actually made it in to the shoot and survived the editing process.

I went to see the movie on opening night with a few west-coast CoreStreet expatriates and the goal of cheering wildly for our favorite inanimate prop. (I was going to make a Will Smith joke here, but it wouldn't make sense as he's quite convincingly emotive.) Unfortunately, PIVMAN was replaced by some kind of large, hand-held computer that pretended to be a virus-detecting eyeball scanner.

It's a good thing PIVMAN was cut, since the plot called for the replacement scanner to fail in a particularly embarrassing way while sorting out zombies from humans and I'm not sure I would have wanted to be associated with that sort of thing.

For those of you now hankering for some PIVMAN action, the original comic book (for which I get co-author credits, w00t!) is still a good read as far as corporate marketing brochures go. Maybe the next issue will have zombies.

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Computer Talk with Dave Mason

I'll be Dr.Dave's guest on the radio and the interwebs in about ten minutes, leaking top secret details about the next major release of EverNote.


[Update: That was fun. Dr. Dave and "Evil" Steve had some very kind things to say and I hope I didn't scare away too many people. You can listen to the audio here. I'm on hour 2, segment 7 and segment 8.

If I sound muffled it's because I'm crouching on my stairs, trying to shield the phone from a horde (pinch? mass? lard?) of shrieking Rachel Ray fans right outside my window. I think she's signing her new book, "Cook 30-Minute Meals With No Talent, Taste or Flair" Was that bitter?]

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USA Today names me least womanly CEO

None of the women responded like Phil Libin, CEO of Sunnyvale, Calif., technology company EverNote, who remembers riding with his father in a '77 Malibu Classic with a dashboard that seemed to "stretch for miles" with blank holes where the cool gadgets should have been.

It's actually a neat story and I had fun being a part of it. For the record, I was at a bar in Boston sipping a cosmo when I read the full article.

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My first earthquake!

Wheeeeee! It was actually kindda fun. The strange thing is that I'll never really think of the ground as "solid" again. I was at the world's greatest sushi bar. My dinner companion ran outside and I ate his Kampachi. No damage at home although one of my more precarious stacks of books, routers and amazon boxen might have toppled over at the home office. It's hard to be certain.

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Your Brain is Bigger Than Your Head

There's been a lot of changes in my life these past few months. Let's dive right in:

I stepped down from my day-to-day responsibilities at CoreStreet. After much soul-searching I decided that, while government-focused security and identity programs have their certain charms, I wanted to do something more mass-market focused. I'm still on the board of CoreStreet and involved as an advisor and general curmudgeon. CoreStreet was an awesome experience and I'm proud of the work we did. The company is in great hands now and I expect big things from it in the future. More on this later.

After nineteen years in Boston, I moved to California. One more year and I would have been officially "from" New England, so it was now or never. We're now living in San Jose in a giant outdoor mall. It's weird, but good. But weird. More on this later.

I became the CEO of EverNote. We make software that's going to let several zillion users capture, recall and share all their memories; basically a high-tech "external brain" that frees your normal brain up to do more interesting things.


There's a nice meme around this developing in the media in recent weeks. Clive Thompson wrote a good feature in last month's Wired and David Brooks picked up the theme in the New York Times a few days ago. Just this morning, Chris Morrison wrote about the "outside brain" in a nice VentureBeat article about us. EverNote is a great company that's been around for a few years and I'm thrilled to be on board for all the big changes coming in the next few months. Much more on this later.

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Worst description of Apple TV ever

I snapped this picture from my TV screen on a recent JetBlue flight. Truly, The New York Times is a master of all new media.


Changing the quote thusly might make it more true, although no more informative:

"David Pogue reviews Apple TV, which cannot connect your computer to your TV and which includes several wires."

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Unboxing the new iMac


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Security Theatre in Manzanillo


I recently came back from a great trip to Manzanillo, Mexico.  I always know that a vacation is over when I feel the first brush of the long arm of US airport security.  In this case, it was at the ticket counter for the sole US-bound flight.  All passengers had their bags thoroughly hand-searched before getting their tickets.  Our carry-on bags were then handed back to us and we passed the time milling around in the small front lobby, going into and out of random parked cars and grazing at the souvenir shops.  I asked the guy searching my bag about the logic of doing this outside of a controlled environment and with no attempt to prevent someone from adding contraband to their bags after the search, and was cheerfully told, "rules for American".  Of course there was another, proper, security checkpoint that everyone had to go through to get to the gates.  It's nice to know that folks traveling to the US get the added benefit of a bonus "warm up" search, even if it obviously doesn't count.

Geech says that this isn't Security Theater anymore, it's maybe Security Circus.  I'm afraid of clowns.



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